NCGOP Launches Sportsman Coalition Ahead of 2020 Election

For Immediate Release

Raleigh, NC -- This week, the North Carolina Republican Party announced the launching of the Republican Sportsmen Coalition.

The North Carolina Republican Sportsmen Coalition brings together men and women across our state who enjoy and respect our natural resources to elect leaders who will fight for our right to hunt, fish, and bear arms.

Board Members include Chairman DeVan Barbour, Marshall Conrad, Cody Honeycutt, and Chris Douglas. These Republican Sportsmen leaders will help activate and mobilize this niche of voters and shine a light on the bridge between conservation and environmental policies and conservative political ideologies.  

Republicans worked hard to ensure that our constitutional right to hunt and fish was enshrined in the North Carolina constitution. Now, we will activate these voters who enjoy these constitutional rights to help Republicans win this November. 

Please direct additional questions to [email protected].  

For press inquires contact: Tim Wigginton at [email protected]



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