Twenty Gun Raffle Winners


This past Saturday, the NCGOP drew names for their first-ever 20 GUN RAFFLE. These names were pulled at our Sportsmen Banquet in Johnston County.

2020 NCGOP Gun Raffle Winners
A. Hawkins -- Wake County
T. Emerson -- Mecklenburg County
S. Johnson -- Yadkin County
S. Boyd -- Catawba County
P. Barker -- Yadkin County
B. Spoor -- Cabarrus County
L. Brown -- Cabarrus County
C. Skeens -- Wake County
N. Whertz -- Virginia Beach
B. Szura -- Wake County
L. Adams -- Wake County
J. Lee -- Moore County
B. Johnson -- Johnston County
K. Crutchfield -- Cabarrus County
C. Williams -- Montgomery County
A. Marshland -- Johnston County
L. Clark -- Guilford County
D. Almond -- Stanly County
J. Dail -- Carteret County
R. Douglas -- Yadkin County

This is the FIRST time the North Carolina Republican Party has raffled off twenty guns in one raffle and it was a true success.

This Raffle and Banquet was able to raise $250,000 for our Judicial Victory Fund which will help spread the word about Conservative Judges to citizens all over the state.

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